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Your donation brings us closer to treatments for NM​

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Your donation brings us closer to treatments for NM​

COVID-19 has created an uncertain climate for many of us. While these times are difficult, especially for an organization funding the ultra-rare Nemaline Myopathy (NM), A Foundation Building Strength's level of research is a higher priority than ever. While other organizations have cut their research funding, AFBS is maintaining a strong and aggressive approach.

The challenges our community experiences does not stop because of a pandemic. It’s our job to be more responsive than ever, and push forward the research that leads to our ultimate goals to find treatments and a cure for NM.

This year, we are supporting five research projects that range from basic understanding of pathology mechanisms, to gene therapy, to efficacy-testing of existing compounds. One especially exciting project is a continuation of a successful AFBS-funded study testing 1,443 FDA-approved drugs on zebrafish with NM -- from that pool, 20 drugs showed promise in making the zebrafish swim better. This next phase of research dives into testing for the most effective dose that makes the fish stronger and allows them to thrive -- bringing us closer to clinical trials.

Together, we can make a sizable impact on the future of NM research and we hope you will support AFBS in 2020. You can make a donation here or you can mail a donation by check to A Foundation Building Strength, 3825 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Thank you!