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You can be part of our efforts to find treatments for NM, one cup at a time! Follow these simple steps to register your lemonade stand and make it a success.

Let’s do this!
Click "Start Fundraising" to register. Choose your location, date and time. Children are encouraged to participate every step of the way!

Spread the word.
When registered, you’ll be creating your very own page for your stand. You can share your page with friends on social media and email. It’s a great way to invite people to stop by your lemonade stand or even receive donations from people who may not be able to make it that day! Put up fliers and get the word out.

Have fun!
Rather than putting a price on each cup of lemonade, simply ask for a donation of any amount. Be sure to let your supporters know that you can accept checks (payable to A Foundation Building Strength) or cash.

Consider adding on a raffle or bake sale at your event to maximize donations. Be creative!

Now what?
After your event, send in your donations. We’ll update your personal fundraising page with your donation total.

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Getting started is easy!

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You will get these tools to help you run a successful campaign

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Send emails and social media messages to supporters based on expert-tested templates.

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Solicit more donations with proven-success templates established from industry best practices.

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Keep your campaign on track with various automated features designed to get you closer to your goal.

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